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Going mobile? We have a simple and affordable solution.

During the last few years there has been a significant increase in mobile web Internet traffic. Recent world and domestic analysis predicts an even faster shift from desktop to mobile devices. If you want your website to be mobile-friendly, but you are still not ready to completely redesign or change the system you use, we have a simple and affordable solution for you.

We develop mobile websites ready for:

  • "Mobile Internet traffic gaining fast on desktop Internet traffic"Cnet
  • "Global mobile data traffic grew 70 percent in 2012"Cisco
  • "Mobile Devices Now Make Up About 20 Percent of U.S. Web Traffic"
Revolutionary Perfection

About the system – How it works ?

1. Website content and HTML code analysis.
2. Design the layout and selection of content for the new mobile website.
3. Development of the system, testing and delivery in 7 business days.

The mobile website system automatically scans the original website and creates the mobile content. Maintenance of the original website remains the same as before.

For best experience please open mobile-friendly website (link above) in any mobile device.

Mobile Platforms

Different screen sizes, hundreds of different hardware platforms and different operating systems make a great demand for software developers.

We use HTML5 technology to present content. Behind the scenes “our code” works as an interface and provides exact content for all various handheld devices.

For best experience please open mobile-friendly website (link above) in any mobile device.
Available on all shapes and sizes
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Proof of Concept by BICRO

BICRO and The World Bank have recognized our project “Web2Mobile” through the fund “Proof of Concept”. The program code from We2Mobile has been partially used for the development of mobile websites.